Feed the Fishies!

First post in a new blog!

Things sure have changed since the days of Xanga… remember when that was big in HS? Looking back at my xanga, it was last updated in ’06 when I first started pharmacy school – and now I’ve graduated! Can’t believe that four years have already passed by… It was a great four years, filled with friends and good memories! I loved being in school and having no real responsibilities. But now it’s time to go into the “real world”, with limited vacation, utility bills, the hassle of assembling your own furniture, and the potential to get sued. Ugh.

Yesterday Dong and I moved  most of our stuff into our new apartment near Syracuse! It was a hot sweaty mess, and not the fun kind, but the crappy kind full of lugging furniture and moving boxes and putting together furniture. If Will and Jason didn’t help us out we would have been SCREWED! We didn’t get back til 1 AM… but that’s for another post.

Note to self: buy a power drill!!!!

Next up is Ithaca reunion with my Cornellians =D  Looking forward to the weekend, even if it’s rainy!

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