Back to Basics

This past weekend was the much-anticipated Cornell Reunion, set up over months and through hundreds of emails in a lovely email chain entitled let’s start planning a summer get together, shall we?” My little heart would go pitter-patter when I saw new emails in the thread. Ahhh…
Some highlights of the emails, in chronological order


Instead of Ithaca again, how about the JERSEY SHORE?  There we can find plenty of sex, aliens AND guidos, courtesy of yours truly.

– Joe
I think Joe was kidding about Jersey Shore. That, or living in NJ has slowly turned him to the dark side.. Ithaca is the only serious consideration on the table. Period.

Have a nice day, all

HOWEVER, what’s next is probably going to make or break it for this deal…. THERE’S ONLY 1 BATHROOM.  They said they have had 8 people with no problems (as long as everyone doesn’t shower all at once), but from Doodle we have at least 10 people.
this is so cool. if you’re lucky you get to see the eagles in the eagles nest, live! 

OMG best nytimes article ever, check out the slideshow (must!, dont even read the article)
One game we never played is Twister. I dun understand the social connotations of that. Do you only play with ppl you want to sleep with? If that’s the case, I think it would be fun for the guys.
 As evidenced, Bing wins for most memorable emails/jacking! But on to the actual trip itself…. some one word descriptions:
    • Weather – muggy
    • House – rustic…. one-bathroomed
    • People – nostalgiawesome
    • Times – lovely

    I wish I could describe it better, but I’m tired! The pictures capture it pretty well. Games, kayaking, ice cream and wine touring, food and more games!

    Miss you guys! Can’t wait for another one!

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