oh how time flies…

… when you’re working! It’s surprising but it’s already been a month that we’ve been in Syracuse. Even though I’m not licensed as a pharmacist yet, I’m still working as a graduate intern, with decidedly easier hours and less stressful commute times than Dong. Of course, it also means I only get half the pay… but on the bright side, I get taxed less! =D

Besides work, there’s been some background stuff going on – going out to eat, exploring the Erie Canal Park, checking out the Carousel Center, and the Great New York State Fair. Lots of pictures, and maybe some restaurant reviews to come! For the most part, life has settled into a bit of a rhythm, pleasantly broken up by visiting friends. Last week I got to see my beloved Teresa again, and this weekend I’ll see my buddy Jenn Lai, among others! Nothing like a full house to remind you how much you liked an empty one!

eating dinner at mai lan restaurant
a gorgeous day on the road, driving from work
apt sweet apt
forest path at erie canal
bridge at erie canal
extra adorable ducklings at the fair
hungry little piglets
the ferris wheel
deep fried onion blossom
swirly potato
rihanna’s concert

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