Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

So, I kinda lied during the last post – it wasn’t really the beginning of autumn until yesterday! Although it really felt fall-like in terms of weather at that time… then again, today in Syracuse it was sunny and 80. So who’s to say what fall weather is anyways?

In honor of mid-autumn festival, I’ll put up some asian-ish pics I’ve taken. I don’t know much about the festival, but I know it takes place in the fall on the day of the autumnal equinox with the full moon, and you eat mooncakes and drink tea. I’m sure there’s a lot more to it but I don’t think I was ever told! Oh wells, maybe time to wiki it.

one of my favorite dim sum, uw zai gwut!
another favorite dim sum, shu mai~!
yummy shanghai noodles that dong made! looks tasty right?
pork and cabbage dumplings, straight from the freezer!
har gow and shu mai from frozen ones. def not as good as in the restaurant, sigh.
individual tins for moon cake
my favorite is the one with lotus seed paste! i could live without the yolk…

There goes the asian episode of the this blog! It may come back around once in a while =D

One thought on “Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

  1. Pegyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! I didn't know you had a blog! Now you are a professional photographer?! Great pics! It was a holiday in Korea as well a couple of days ago. Miss u <3<3<3Yuri

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