good fortunes

“If you care enough for a result, you will most certainly attain it.” 
hopefully prophetic fortune from fortune cookie

Been a long time since I’ve updated but it’s hard to keep up with life! Since fall Dong and I went on a cruise and most recently I went on a weekend Vermont trip with my girls and spent Christmastime in NYC. And I got a nice sparkly Christmas gift as well…

The new year is coming, and with it comes a few resolutions. I’m not a big fan of resolutions because I have the world’s worst willpower, but it doesn’t hurt to think about some things I’d like to work on.

1. Take a picture every day – 365 photo project! If I can do this I’ll put it on my blog too.
2. Work out at least 30 min a week – this is a tiny goal which I’m hoping I’ll increase!
3. Pass the compounding exam!!! – no explanation needed.

Only 3 for now! The less I have, the less I can break =D

Now back to studying…