week 2 picture roundup!

1/9 – a nice snowy dinner at Copper Top Tavern with Phil and Jess

1/10 – smelling the roses at Wegmans

1/11 – checking out the competition at Walgreens at N. Tonawanda!

1/12 – My plush digs at Super 8 on Niagara Falls Blvd
1/13 – I had to bunch up the curtains so the heater would blow hot air throughout the room… instead of just at the curtains.

1/14 – lovely sky while driving back to Syracuse to my honey

1/15 – cross stitch finally taking shape!

week 1 picture roundup!

Part of my New Year’s resolution – to take at least 1 picture a day!
1/2/11 – the 2nd day of the new year and settling into some routines. Knitting, studying, etc! 

1/3/11 – Monday before the exam. Spent the day doing some last minute studying, then driving down to Buffalo to stay over at the Red Roof Inn.

1/4/11 – After the end of the written part of the compounding exam, I developed a deep and abiding hunger for Chipotle’s fajita bowl. YUM.

1/5/11 – Day of the lab portion of the exam! A shot of Cooke Hall in the early morning.

1/6/11 – Back in Syracuse and starting a full day of work.

1/7/11 – Driving on the thruway can be sorta scenic…. sorta sometimes! 

1/8/11 – I have the best hubby ever! Got me a new lens with a hood and all other sorts of goodies. LOVE!

Half of the Battle…

Actually, technically 40% of the battle. The written portion of the Part III exam was today, and I hope that I comported myself decently… although I already know that I got one of the error and omissions things wrong! Oh well… must not obsess…

I’m in Buffalo now, which was pleasantly snowless when I was driving in but has apparently decided to steadily flutter down snow since last night. Ah, good ole Buffalo and the lake effect, friends forever! And now the slow-sucking mild studying for the compounding part… gotta remind myself not to blow this one!

I thought that while I was away I could update my blog with the pics I was taking each day but then I forgot to bring my card reader, teehee. But at least one resolution has not been broken yet! And working hard on the other two =D

welcome to 1/1/11~!

New day of the new year! And the start of a resolution – first pic posted of the year:

An exciting day of study, peppered with  cross-stitch and Lifetime movies. Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and the surprisingly watchable Maneater starring Sarah Chalke (of Scrubs fame!). Maybe I should make another resolution – cut down on Lifetime!