week 1 picture roundup!

Part of my New Year’s resolution – to take at least 1 picture a day!
1/2/11 – the 2nd day of the new year and settling into some routines. Knitting, studying, etc! 

1/3/11 – Monday before the exam. Spent the day doing some last minute studying, then driving down to Buffalo to stay over at the Red Roof Inn.

1/4/11 – After the end of the written part of the compounding exam, I developed a deep and abiding hunger for Chipotle’s fajita bowl. YUM.

1/5/11 – Day of the lab portion of the exam! A shot of Cooke Hall in the early morning.

1/6/11 – Back in Syracuse and starting a full day of work.

1/7/11 – Driving on the thruway can be sorta scenic…. sorta sometimes! 

1/8/11 – I have the best hubby ever! Got me a new lens with a hood and all other sorts of goodies. LOVE!

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