Winter Driving =(

Bad thing happened today. I got into my first car accident. SIGH. Thankfully no one else was involved, no injuries or anything, but my poor baby car… my poor Cassiopeia! I woke up late for work, and while driving to work (a little frantically, I admit) I hit some snow, spun out of control, and ended up hitting the guard rail with my front and back bumper on the left side. Oh yeah, and I ended up completely turned around so I could watch oncoming highway traffic while I flashed my hazard lights. Definitely… stressful.
Once again, I am truly thankful that I wasn’t hurt, and neither was anyone else. It could’ve been a lot worse and I’m so grateful that the only thing messed up is my car. But still, it made for a pretty shaky start to the day. And then I had to work, of course. Late!
But now I know, if I’m late… screw it! Better that the pharmacy opens late than something terrible happen. Now I have to bring my car to the shop on my off day… and hope that it isn’t too expensive
my lovely Cassiopeia, back when she was pure, untouched, and freshly waxed

**Mah Bling**

I know that it’s kinda crass to be all up in people’s faces about jewelry, but I really love my engagement ring. I really really do! Is it so wrong for me to be happy when I look at it sparkle and shine? Is it crazy and obsessive when I can spend time just watching it glint in the harsh fluorescent glow of pharmacy lights? Come on, you gotta give a girl a little leeway. It’s not about the carats as much as the design and what the ring represents. An engagement ring is an epic symbol, not just a fancy piece of jewelry but a sign of love, commitment, and passion. And so much more sparkly than the upcoming wedding band!

I really love my fiancee/hubby-whatever for letting me choose my engagement ring. A little lacking in the element of surprise, but totally makes up for it by being exactly what I want. And thus begins my little photographic tribute to my ring. I just wish I had pretty model hands!

i like the little heart shaped prongs too =D

i like the side view of the ring, part of the reason why i chose the design

Props to Teresa’s parents’ jewelry store for having exactly what I wanted! For those who are thinking about taking this step, you should check it out~!

week 7 picture roundup!

This was my first week as a pharmacist and pretty chill as weeks go. I envision a lot more problems in the future, but I’m glad it started relatively smoothly!
2/13 – making some chocolate mousse with raspberries the day before the V-Day. From a box mix, lest anyone is actually impressed.

2/14 – classy sparkling cider in the champagne flutes! sadly enough, I break one of these the next day…. sigh.

2/15 – an aerial shot of my pretty flowers!

2/16 – Dong and Phil put together the elliptical… now no more excuses! Sigh….

2/17 – I did exercise today, but I did a lot more of this.

2/18 – Got my paystub for the last week, and it is dismal. Zeros all around!

2/19 – Panang Nua at Erawan Thai Restaurant. Kinda watery, but still okay.

week 6 picture roundup!

The first full week of February was a week of rest and recovery for me, due to my wrist injury, and had the happy consequence of extending my original one week vacation into two weeks! However, it gets pretty dull to be sitting around at home having a sore wrist, but I did catch up on a lot of TV!
2/6 – Just got back home to Syracuse and spent a little time counting up how much lai see I got this year. A little crass, hehe. Year of the Rabbit  = cute red envelopes!

2/7 – went to see the orthopedist and they took off my cast. They use a little saw to cut it off you! Amazingly enough, the saw blade only cuts through fiberglass without tearing through human flesh. Phew!
2/8 – snowy day at home. Thank goodness I can play Dance Central still.
2/9 – The saga of crappy Nordictrack service continues. They had us box the wrong product that they had originally sent us and leave it for them to pick up. Ugh!

2/10 – FINALLY! The real thing comes in. For those who are thinking about buying exercise equipment, DO NOT CHOOSE NORDICTRACK!
2/11 – Oooh yeah, Italian sausage for dinner. No dirty thoughts mmkay?!!!

2/12 – Finally my license comes in! After my mom fretted for days wondering if she should send it to me in the mail, hahaha. It’s official, folks!!!

♥~~happy valentine’s day~~♥

Happy Valentine’s Day!

And also, happy first day working as a pharmacist! Hmm, that doesn’t flow so well… So, today was my first day as a licensed pharmacist and I think it went pretty well. No screaming patients and only minor minor insurance problems. Yay! And now, after spending hours with crappy Nordictrack customer service, I can truly appreciate how much more streamlined it is to call health insurance companies. Phew.

Remember to kiss a loved one tonight~!

Pharm Life

Sooo… I just received my first schedule for next week, when I start working as a licensed pharmacist. Eeks!!! Interestingly enough, my first day as a pharmacist will be on Valentine’s Day. Sorta detracts from the romance doesn’t it? I probably won’t be thinking about love while doling out lortab and tramadol.

do you know what this drug is?

Anyway it’s kinda nerve-wracking. Now I’ll be THE ONE, the one who gets asked all the questions, stupid or otherwise. Now I can no longer play it off by saying I’m just the intern…. the grace period has ended! Time to pay up.

I’m pretty prepared to get stressed out the first week – I’ll be driving 3 hours round trip for 4 days, plus the inevitable stress of working at a retail pharmacy. Thankfully I’m working after the annoyance of the new year, with all the insurance changes and whatnots. Hopefully some lady won’t come up screaming that she doesn’t have a deductible, etc, etc…. I hate insurance problems!!!

It’s time to step up my game and do it!

MV to get ‘FIRE’d up!,

week 5 picture roundup!

This was my first vacation week of the year, yay, to coincide with Chinese New Years! Unfortunately I came into this week with a fractured wrist so it really made it harder to do.. well… anything! But I still got to go out and see friends and family, so it was still a good break! No pun intended.
1/30 – Joe’s upstate house has a lot of chicken themed stuff…

1/31 – yummy crab dish at Amazing 66 with Cornell and other buddies

2/1 – after family dinner, a picture of my peaceful living room, complete with tropical island wallpaper

2/2 – lovely miso ramen at Ramen Kuboya with Dong

2/3 – iPad that was meant for my parents but more used by me!

2/4 – deliciously tender and yummy lamb chops at East Lake in Flushing, dinner with me and Dong’s family

2/5 – yummy dimsum and friendly service at 88 Palace in chinatown =D