Happy Year of the Rabbit!


A little belated, but Chinese (Lunar) New Year was just this past week, on Feb 3rd. It’s a time to get together with family to celebrate the new year with wishes for good luck and prosperity, so Dong and I both got vacation this week to go back to NYC. Unfortunately, I had to go into the New Year with a new wound:

my cast, darn it!

I had a ‘non-displaced fracture’ in my right wrist from snowboarding at Windham, so it definitely put a damper on the rest of my activities that week. But I got the cast off and now have a much more maneuverable (and removable) splint, so now I can shower without a plastic bag on my hand! Love the small pleasures of life!

However, the new year wasn’t all bad – I found out that I got licensed, yay! But with great pay comes great responsibility… Another pleasure of life – receiving lai see, or hong bao:

Happy Year of the Rabbit!

And still doing the pic a day, to be updated!


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