week 3 picture roundup!

This is so belated! But better late than never. Week 3 was a pretty normal week – cooking at home and working. I love cooking a huge batch of chili at the beginning of the week to bring to work for lunch/dinner =D And somehow, I don’t get tired of it!
1/16 – This is the dining room light that is just the right height to bump Dong’s head. He’s gotten really good at dodging it!
1/17 – Looks a little unappetizing, but I love this chili! From a recipe that Viv received, passed through generations of health professions students!
1/18 – One of the few healthy things that I love to eat – cherry tomatoes!
1/19 – Kinect is here! Time to break out with Dance Central!!
1/20 – This makes me miss the rx peeps at Skaneateles. You pronounce that Skinny Atlas, fyi.
1/21 – Pretty sunrise over the 690E, while driving to work. The story of my life!
1/22 – The side dishes at Secret Garden, a Korean/Japanese restaurant in Syracuse.

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