week 4 picture roundup!

Week 4 was a little hectic – the week before my vacation (from 1/30-2/5) but also a week that I was to work in Buffalo, and then go to Windham afterwards for a snowboarding trip. That meant a lot of packing beforehand and having tons of stuff, like snowboards and a huge cross-stitch gift to my parents, in the trunk of my car. Snowboarding didn’t work out the way I wanted –  I ended up having a fractured wrist after my first run, and everything afterwards was figuring out how to work around it – driving, etc. But it was definitely an eventful week~!
1/23 – a nice homecooked meal for me and hubby – pork chops and mixed veggie pasta!
1/24 – homemade garlic bread, slathered with butter and garlic and then baked to golden goodness. YUM!
1/25 – Back to Buffalo again! This time staying at a pretty nice Holiday Inn. I get 2 queen beds, yay me!

1/26 – In the middle of Paris planning makes me Paris crazy!!

1/27 – Back at home for one night with my favorite boy. His face is lit up by the glow of his new Droid X, aka his new gf.

1/28 – my other zoom lens that I don’t use enough…..
1/29 – After a long day of driving, sleeping for 5 hours, snowboarding and fracturing my wrist, we finally end up eating dinner at Brandywine Restaurant, an Italian place with a LOTR theme.

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