week 5 picture roundup!

This was my first vacation week of the year, yay, to coincide with Chinese New Years! Unfortunately I came into this week with a fractured wrist so it really made it harder to do.. well… anything! But I still got to go out and see friends and family, so it was still a good break! No pun intended.
1/30 – Joe’s upstate house has a lot of chicken themed stuff…

1/31 – yummy crab dish at Amazing 66 with Cornell and other buddies

2/1 – after family dinner, a picture of my peaceful living room, complete with tropical island wallpaper

2/2 – lovely miso ramen at Ramen Kuboya with Dong

2/3 – iPad that was meant for my parents but more used by me!

2/4 – deliciously tender and yummy lamb chops at East Lake in Flushing, dinner with me and Dong’s family

2/5 – yummy dimsum and friendly service at 88 Palace in chinatown =D

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