Pharm Life

Sooo… I just received my first schedule for next week, when I start working as a licensed pharmacist. Eeks!!! Interestingly enough, my first day as a pharmacist will be on Valentine’s Day. Sorta detracts from the romance doesn’t it? I probably won’t be thinking about love while doling out lortab and tramadol.

do you know what this drug is?

Anyway it’s kinda nerve-wracking. Now I’ll be THE ONE, the one who gets asked all the questions, stupid or otherwise. Now I can no longer play it off by saying I’m just the intern…. the grace period has ended! Time to pay up.

I’m pretty prepared to get stressed out the first week – I’ll be driving 3 hours round trip for 4 days, plus the inevitable stress of working at a retail pharmacy. Thankfully I’m working after the annoyance of the new year, with all the insurance changes and whatnots. Hopefully some lady won’t come up screaming that she doesn’t have a deductible, etc, etc…. I hate insurance problems!!!

It’s time to step up my game and do it!

MV to get ‘FIRE’d up!,


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