week 6 picture roundup!

The first full week of February was a week of rest and recovery for me, due to my wrist injury, and had the happy consequence of extending my original one week vacation into two weeks! However, it gets pretty dull to be sitting around at home having a sore wrist, but I did catch up on a lot of TV!
2/6 – Just got back home to Syracuse and spent a little time counting up how much lai see I got this year. A little crass, hehe. Year of the Rabbit  = cute red envelopes!

2/7 – went to see the orthopedist and they took off my cast. They use a little saw to cut it off you! Amazingly enough, the saw blade only cuts through fiberglass without tearing through human flesh. Phew!
2/8 – snowy day at home. Thank goodness I can play Dance Central still.
2/9 – The saga of crappy Nordictrack service continues. They had us box the wrong product that they had originally sent us and leave it for them to pick up. Ugh!

2/10 – FINALLY! The real thing comes in. For those who are thinking about buying exercise equipment, DO NOT CHOOSE NORDICTRACK!
2/11 – Oooh yeah, Italian sausage for dinner. No dirty thoughts mmkay?!!!

2/12 – Finally my license comes in! After my mom fretted for days wondering if she should send it to me in the mail, hahaha. It’s official, folks!!!

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