week 7 picture roundup!

This was my first week as a pharmacist and pretty chill as weeks go. I envision a lot more problems in the future, but I’m glad it started relatively smoothly!
2/13 – making some chocolate mousse with raspberries the day before the V-Day. From a box mix, lest anyone is actually impressed.

2/14 – classy sparkling cider in the champagne flutes! sadly enough, I break one of these the next day…. sigh.

2/15 – an aerial shot of my pretty flowers!

2/16 – Dong and Phil put together the elliptical… now no more excuses! Sigh….

2/17 – I did exercise today, but I did a lot more of this.

2/18 – Got my paystub for the last week, and it is dismal. Zeros all around!

2/19 – Panang Nua at Erawan Thai Restaurant. Kinda watery, but still okay.

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