**Mah Bling**

I know that it’s kinda crass to be all up in people’s faces about jewelry, but I really love my engagement ring. I really really do! Is it so wrong for me to be happy when I look at it sparkle and shine? Is it crazy and obsessive when I can spend time just watching it glint in the harsh fluorescent glow of pharmacy lights? Come on, you gotta give a girl a little leeway. It’s not about the carats as much as the design and what the ring represents. An engagement ring is an epic symbol, not just a fancy piece of jewelry but a sign of love, commitment, and passion. And so much more sparkly than the upcoming wedding band!

I really love my fiancee/hubby-whatever for letting me choose my engagement ring. A little lacking in the element of surprise, but totally makes up for it by being exactly what I want. And thus begins my little photographic tribute to my ring. I just wish I had pretty model hands!

i like the little heart shaped prongs too =D

i like the side view of the ring, part of the reason why i chose the design

Props to Teresa’s parents’ jewelry store for having exactly what I wanted! For those who are thinking about taking this step, you should check it out~!


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