Winter Driving =(

Bad thing happened today. I got into my first car accident. SIGH. Thankfully no one else was involved, no injuries or anything, but my poor baby car… my poor Cassiopeia! I woke up late for work, and while driving to work (a little frantically, I admit) I hit some snow, spun out of control, and ended up hitting the guard rail with my front and back bumper on the left side. Oh yeah, and I ended up completely turned around so I could watch oncoming highway traffic while I flashed my hazard lights. Definitely… stressful.
Once again, I am truly thankful that I wasn’t hurt, and neither was anyone else. It could’ve been a lot worse and I’m so grateful that the only thing messed up is my car. But still, it made for a pretty shaky start to the day. And then I had to work, of course. Late!
But now I know, if I’m late… screw it! Better that the pharmacy opens late than something terrible happen. Now I have to bring my car to the shop on my off day… and hope that it isn’t too expensive
my lovely Cassiopeia, back when she was pure, untouched, and freshly waxed

One thought on “Winter Driving =(

  1. Oh-em-G, Peggy! What a relief to hear that you are safe!!! Car troubles are a BIG pain in the neck and it can be very traumatic… I'm still afraid of animals on the road. Hope all is well with Cassiopeia by now 🙂

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