Sunrise, Sunrise

Wow, my day off and I end up waking up at 7! Blame it on Dong getting ready for work, blame it on the gorgeous sun streaming into our bedroom, but it doesn’t feel too bad! I’ve always hoped that I could become one of those mystical, sadistic “morning people”; maybe this is my conversion?

Anyway, waking up early let me fool around on blogger and figure out how to put those ‘jump break’ things into my posts so I don’t give away all the goodies right at the get go. Gotta keep some mystery and have you guys click for more, right? I think it’s particularly effective when you do it
midsentence! Cuz you leave the reader hanging! I put up a new background for the blog too, in honor of spring – it’s coming, the calendar claims! Some pretty plum blossoms to spice it up – not taken by me, unfortunately.

So this morning I was reconnecting with my Big Bang fangirl! They recently released a mini-album and the title song is “Tonight”. I like this track a lot, although I think the auto-tune is a little heavy at times. Check it out with english subs!

As usual, G-Dragon has his crazy style, TOP is hot, Taeyang is breaking out the moves, Seungri is being all emo, and Daesung has his VOICE. There’s a hot bed scene with Daesung that’s actually missing from this version, but I’m sure if you youtube it you can find it.

Some time I’m going to put up a more detailed tribute post to Big Bang. Gotta spread the VIP love~


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