week 9 picture roundup!

2/26 NONE –
I had my accident today… in retrospect I guess I shoulda taken some pictures, but it was kind of depressing and I kind of don’t want photographic evidence of it. I just want to get it back from the collision place like new!
2/27 – the card Dong got me for my birthday. He said he had a gift card for me… a “card that is a gift”. HA!

2/28 – a nice reminder to my hubby, lest he forget. I actually forgot to take a picture, but Dong took care of today!

3/1 – gotta keep up on what’s happening in the pharmacy world!

3/2 – I can’t believe these flowers are still alive… They were back from Valentine’s Day!
3/3 – almost…. done…
3/4 – Driving around during early morning has its good points sometimes.
3/5 – Shopping in the Asian grocery store. This is Dong’s favorite chili sauce. Do you think that this is a lady or a dude?

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