when the going gets tough…

The tough turn to food! Most notably, a delicious Chipotle fajita bowl brimming with steak and generously slathered with cheese and sour cream. The best remedy for work exhaustion and microwave meals – nom nom nom!

Been a little quiet on the blog front, due to lots of work, feeling sleepy on my days off, and also thinking about everything happening in the world and also in NYC. There have been a lot of sobering events recently and it definitely makes little me feel a little down and quite insignificant – after all, you can’t control what life will bring to you. Bad things happen to good people all the time, but you just have to keep going and living your life as best as you can. がんばろう、日本!

In more mundane, personal news, I dropped my car off at the collision place last Wednesday and I’m hoping it will be fixed by Monday. They gave me a loaner car for free (05 Dodge Stratus), which is nice but I want to get back my lovely Cassiopeia! When it gets back I should give it a nice car wash and hand wax to get it feeling good again. A little TLC for my TLC (tight little car)!

Time to finish off this meal with homemade guac!

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