Take a Deep Breath…

Wedding planning. These two little words strike terror into my heart, even though it’s for such a joyful occasion. I want to have a lovely and heartfelt wedding, without all of the annoyingly necessary planning and research that goes into it. Why, oh why can’t it be so? Venues. Save the dates. Photographer. Wedding stationery. Flowers. Guest list. All of that delirious minutiae that go into making a wedding personal and memorable. And I’m supposed to figure that out myself?!

Okay fine, I’m sure some of you would say that the future husband should be involved too, to which I heartily agree! But when your fiance is mostly concerned with budgeting and not so much what the wedding colors should be… it’s not much of a help. Which I suppose is partially great, because then I can have everything I want (within budgeting reason)! But then it’s also partially not-so-great, because I’ll end up ripping out my hair.

And then the cost of a wedding in NYC… astronomical! I’m really really hoping to keep it within the 20k range, which is still a huge amount of money for Dong and I, although we’ve been saving since we started working. Originally, when I was young and naive (a few months ago) I thought that I would love to have my wedding in the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, what with the gorgeous surroundings and the lovely glass conservatory-style Palm House-

Isn’t it gorgeous? Unfortunately, it’s also hideously expensive. So hideous, even a mother couldn’t love it. It’s something like $150 a person, not including photography, music, flowers, etc. CRAZY! Which is why I’m currently looking into options on Long Island, which is a lot more reasonable, albeit farther away from the heart of the city. Well, at least there will be ample parking right?
Plus, I have to figure out how to balance the more Western-style wedding I want with what my more traditional parents want… I have a suspicion they want to do the Chinese wedding reception at a Chinese restaurant, which I am not averse to – but I want my style wedding too! I’m thinking that I might compromise by making the rehearsal dinner be the Chinese wedding night – after all, I do love me some cheesy DJs, smoke effects and questionable wedding party games!
my cousin katie’s wedding
Still have a lot to think about it… It’s exciting but overwhelming!

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