Wedding DIY: Bridesmaid Invites

I recently decided on a few amazing friends for my bridesmaids, and although I have already contacted them through phone/email/text, I really wanted to send them something lovely and “official” that would kind of set the tone for the wedding. Plus I do love all things crafty… this might change as more wedding plans crop up, but for now I felt inspired!

the finished invitations

I pretty much used the design on this lovely blog by Elise, down to the labels! I followed pretty closely to the original, with a few minor tweaks. But really, her ideas were so good that it’s hard to improve on them. Love that tutorial! It was so simple to do. The hardest part for me was probably thinking of what to write on the cards, since a lot of my wedding stuff is still up in the air.

First step was picking out the envelopes and paper to line them. I’ve decided that my color scheme for my wedding is going to be aqua/teal, yellow, and white.

Calm, soothing colors I think! It was surprisingly easy to put the envelopes together and line them with the special paper. I ordered way too much of that gold scroll paper too… I might try to use it in other things.

Next thing was to write the informational cards – expectations, attire, etc. I basically riffed off of Elise’s cards as it pertained to my wedding. It was fun trying out different fonts for different effects – I settled on a fancy calligraphy, “Chopin Script” for my titles.
And then all that was left was to put the cards in the envelopes and finish it off with a belly band of satin ribbon in old gold, which I just happened to have lying around (no kidding!). Plus printing out personalized labels for the cards – that was a little tricky, since I had to tweak the templates a little to make them all align correctly.
Since I had to mail them out, I popped them into slightly larger pearlized gold envelopes I got at Michaels, and away we go!
All in all, I’m pretty happy with how they turned out and I hope that they get my ladies excited for the upcoming event! So happy to have them share that special day with me!

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