Wedding Packages of LOVEEEEE

Not to toot my ethnicity’s horn or anything…. but Asians are so smart! Who else would realize the huge demand in wedding packages, a way to simplify a bit of the chaos of wedding planning by bundling together some basic elements – photography, videography, and clothing? Maybe it’s not a strictly Asian business, but I haven’t heard of other places that specialize in these packages. It’s just so intuitive!

Maybe part of it is that Asian love of photo-taking. Don’t tell me you haven’t seen Asian girls (and guys!) posing in front of the most random, mundane things, with the big-smile-v-sign combo. Heck, I’ve done it plenty of times, if not 75% of the time when I was younger (Okay, I still do it now…) It was like I had an insane urge to document everything I was doing, with me in the picture so it was proof that I was doing it. Look, I’m going to eat this waffle! Check out me and this okonomiyaki! V-SIGN!!!!

It just isn’t complete without the v-sign.

But anyway, love of photo-ops not withstanding, Asians also love making money. Who doesn’t, really? So what better way to combine the love of photo documentation with money-making but wedding packages! So ingenious, so convenient, so loving it.

So what do these wedding packages include? Well, my friend, I will enlighten you. Most wedding places can do separate packages for engagement photos and wedding day services, or bundle them together for you. Here’s a typical example of a bundle package of engagement photo + wedding day services.

Engagement Photos (1 studio shoot, 1 outdoor shoot)

  • Bride – 2-4 rental dresses/outfits, makeup + hairstyle
  • Groom – rental tuxedo
  • Photographer – usually does around 100-150 “poses”
  • 1-2 Framed Portraits – cuz you need to show your picture in front of your reception!
  • ** Some places will also offer a signing poster – for people to sign when they come into your wedding
Wedding Day Services
  • Bride – 3 rental dresses (usually wedding gown, evening gown, and qi pao), makeup + hairstyle
  • Groom – rental tuxedo
  • 1-4 Bridesmaid dresses, hair + makeup
  • 1-4 Groomsmen tuxedos
  • **Some places will also offer outfits for parents of the bride/groom
  • Photographer – usually for 8-10 hours
  • Videographer – usually for 8-10 hours
  • Limo for 10 people for 6-8 hours
And then afterwards you will receive:
  • Wedding Album (for bride and groom) – typically with both engagement/wedding shots
  • 2 Parents Albums (usually smaller and with fewer pictures)
  • CD with 400-500 high res images
  • 2-3 Edited Wedding DVDs with music
And for all this, the cost can range from $3000 – $6000. Really, pretty decent considering how much it would cost to hire a photographer/cameraman separately. Plus, they provide all the clothing for the wedding party (with some stipulations… the dresses/tuxes have to be in stock or they will charge you to order it; shoes are not included)! AND you get engagement shots, wedding shots, and full rights to your photos. There are some other costs though, like having to provide transportation for the photographer/videographer, paying extra for more bridesmaids/groomsmen, etc. But overall, I don’t know, sounds like a pretty good deal to me. I’m planning on booking my package soon, so I should be able to update later with my actual experience. But right now I have really high hopes!

from true love website!

from true love website!

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