week 12 picture roundup!

A nice week – my “short” week, meaning I only worked Sun/Wed/Thurs. Of course next week I will be working Mon/Tues/Fri/Sat but I do love having a three day weekend every other week! An especially busy weekend, as I drove down to NYC to check out wedding packages and then drove back up on Sunday. A lot of driving, but now that Cassiopeia is good I know she can handle it!
3/20 – what usually goes on during Sunday night!
3/21 – forgot to take a picture, very remiss of me -___-

3/22 – Tuesday off = blueberry pancakes! 
3/23 – did you know that Peggy is actually a nickname for Margaret?! Except I never ordered this catalogue, so maybe there really was a Margaret Lee here. HMM!

3/24 – pretty dresses for spring… can’t wait!

3/25 – finally finally finally got my car back! Looking shiny and lovely, like new!

3/26 – trying on wedding dresses in chinatown. i like details and flourishes on the bodice because they make my assets seem larger!

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