week 14 picture roundup!

The beginning of April and feels like spring is getting closer all the time! Going to look at wedding venues the following week, gotta prepare!
4/3 – i never ordered these catalogs but they’re coming. how do they know?!!! stupid internets.

4/4 – the strangely perfectly domed bun of a mcd’s filet o fish

4/5 – i got it! yahhhhhh

4/7 – april showers, for real.

4/8 – monkey x-stitch love
4/9 – a lovely day at Cornell with kalbi at Four Seasons

More Dangers of Driving

Sigh. I am a killer.

Of deer that is. With my car. Sigh.

And now there’s a deer lying twisted on the side of the road on someone’s lawn, and I’m left with a messed up front bumper and feeling guilty. Ugh.

Cornell ♥

It was a gorgeous day yesterday! Man there’s nothing like a little sun and mild weather to really pump one’s mood up. So yesterday we decided to go to Ithaca for a little while – I was hoping to catch some cherry blossoms in bloom, either next to Olin or in the Plantations. After all, now that we live in Syracuse, Ithaca is only like 1.5 hours away – and I go there for work 3-4 times a week, so I’m pretty familiar with how to get there. I can see Ithaca being a common day trip as the weather gets better =D

As everyone knows, Ithaca is gorges, and we got to see plenty of waterfalls and pretty scenery. Unfortunately, things were just starting to green up so we didn’t get to see too many flowers and the cherry trees, magnolias and such were not in bloom yet… but I guess this means we’ll just have to check back in a few weeks! I have some dreams about taking some engagement style shots with the cherry blossoms… We’ll see how that works out!

And of course, any visit to Cornell wouldn’t be complete without some food porn. We stopped by my beloved Four Seasons, a Korean restaurant that I really enjoyed as a student, and then Aladdins for dinner. Man. Makes me drool just thinking about it!

delicious kalbi and side dishes at four seasons

making a lettuce wrap with rice, kalbi and garlic

spicy seafood soup, cham bong

bistecca pasta with portabello mushroom ravioli at aladdins

week 13 picture roundup!

Gosh I can’t believe it’s already April! Time is definitely flying by, and now it’s almost only a year until our wedding… Time to get serious and start doing some more research!
3/27 – just got my Professor Kobre’s Lightscoop! This is basically a nicer version of what I used to do, which was prop up a white card to help reflect/diffuse the built-in flash on my camera. Why are other people so much smarter than me?!

3/28 – got some lovely wedding card samples. I’m considering this design for my wedding invite, from weddingpaperdivas.com. It just feels so good… 

3/29 – travel reimbursement form. YAY for reimbursement!

3/30 – happy and well-lit dong with the lightscoop on!

3/31 – the empty and cleaned out Borders at the Carousel Mall. Depressing….

4/1 – hint of lime + guac… supreme.

4/2 – lightscoop does not work well when trying to take pictures of small items!