Happy Mother’s Day!

What a gorgeous day for Mother’s Day! Sunny and warm even in the Cuse, with temperatures up to 70. And to take advantage of the glorious weather, I’ll be in here writing a blog entry and playing Sims Medieval =D

currently taking up too much of my free time….

Anyway, I want to wish all the moms and mom-like single dads a happy day! I’ve definitely grown to appreciate my mom a lot more over the years, although our relationship is still not an easy one. We’re not mortal enemies, although sometimes it gets close. Definitely I have mellowed… I suppose time and distance will do that, and now I realize that even though she was sometimes overbearing, overprotective, and over-everything… it was all for my greater good, at least in her mind. Still, I don’t think I’ll be exactly following her mode of parenting with my own kids… at least I hope not!

I still have hope that someday we’ll have a better relationship, maybe when I have kids of my own and she has grandchildren to dote on! Who knows, perhaps one day we will achieve that Gilmore Girls level camaraderie…

the ideal mom-daughter relationship …. what i aspire to!

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