Passion Tea Lemonade

So now that warmer weather is coming, I get cravings for a certain drink at Starbucks – their Passion Tea Lemonade! Geez I will drain that stuff in 2 minutes… maybe because I usually get a tall instead of a venti or something. It’s just so tart and refreshing! The only downside is that Dong complains incessantly that it’s totally not worth the money and that they put too much ice in it (which they do… it’s practically half full of ice…). So finally, to quit his yapping, we found out that they have recipes online which mimic the starbucks one pretty darned well! Now we make pitcherfuls of the lovely pink stuff and I never have to spend 4 bucks on a tall PTL!

Passion Tea Lemonade (makes 2-3 qts)
3 Tazo Passion Tea Bags
3 cups boiling water
12 oz can frozen lemonade concentrate
And that’s all you need! It’s so simple. Actually you also need a big pitcher, I ended up buying a 3.3 qt pitcher just for this purpose.
1. Remove strings and tags from tea bags and place in pitcher. Pour in boiling water and allow tea to steep for 10-15 minutes.
2. Add lemonade concentrate (so super sticky… make sure you don’t spill it!) and mix, then top off with cold water.
3. Serve chilled and enjoy!
It’s such a striking pink color and it looks gorgeous in clear glasses with some ice. Make sure you stir it up before serving so the lemonade concentrate is equally distributed!

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