2NE1 is… the Best!

Ahhh, 2NE1 is back with their latest single, aptly titled “I Am The Best“!!! Honestly I’m not a huge huge fan of the super-electro beat, but it’s still catchy and I still love ’em. And you really cannot look away from their crazy outfits, and Dara’s hair in the last part. Geez! I want Bom’s shiny leather outfit… and the dog.

Tribute post for some of  my favorite 2NE1 songs!

2NE1 – It Hurts
I love this song…. slow and soulful. Plus you can really hear the girls’ voices, which is not always the case with their more ‘processed’ songs. The video is pretty interesting as usual with their MVs… Dara’s crazy frizzy hair, and I really love Bom’s hair color and her fringe umbrella. As usual… loving the style!

Live of “It Hurts” with English subtitles and romanization!

I think this really highlights all the girls’ great vocal talent… I love all their voices in this.

2NE1 – I Don’t Care
Another great slower tempo song, the lyrics are good too. Stupid boys! Great song for breaking up, cursing boys, etc. This is during their first album before they went really crazy with their style… I do like the “I don’t care eh eh eh eh” dance! They also made a terrific reggae version of this song which I love, gives it a great island feel.

2NE1 – Can’t Nobody
Wild style, all I can say. The part with CL, her pink megaphone, veiled hat and the entire crazy outfit… blows me away! I want a freaking pink megaphone!!! A very catchy song, and just FIERCE.

Honestly, I really loved 2NE1’s first album, when the songs weren’t so electronic but still very catchy and showcasing their vocal and rapping skills. I’m not sure if I’m totally loving the direction they’re going in but I’m still a big fan! Blackjacks baby!



红楼梦 – Dream of the Red Chamber

Recently I’ve been reading an English translation of Dream of the Red Chamber, one of the four great classical Chinese novels. I’ve had the book for a long time, given to me as a gift by my buddy Ana (which she picked up at the Strand, great store!). I did try reading it before when I first got it, but the huge cast of characters quickly overwhelmed me (there’s tons of relatives, waiting maids, and other minor characters) and I kinda let it slide. However, now that I am older and wiser, and also bored out of my mind in Syracuse, I find that I’m 7/8ths done with reading it. Plus, being the consummate wiki-er I am, I already know what happens plot-wise. Just reading to see how the writer plays it out.

For those not familiar, Dream of the Red Chamber is about the love triangle between the spoiled son of the rich Jia family, Jia Baoyu, and his beautiful but frail cousin Lin Daiyu and his other lovely cousin Xue Baochai. Overall the novel details social and political workings of the family and of the time (bribing officials to overlook bad behavior, wives scheming against other family members, painful deaths and suicides, etc etc), and shows the gradual decline of the wealthy Jia family. Also, you have to throw in some mystical elements like how Baoyu is the reincarnation of a magical stone and Lin Daiyu is reincarnated from a plant that the stone used to water…. Okay, it gets a little confusing. Oh, did I mention that Baoyu was born with a precious jade stone in his mouth? And that his name means… Precious Jade?!

Even before I was reading the translated version, I had a children’s version of the book that I bought from China years ago on a family trip. I’ll admit that I bought the book because of the colorful and pretty pictures. Ooh pretty pictures! Pretty girls in pretty clothes!

scanned from my book, the family at a meal with the matriarch in the center. Look at all that yummy drawn food!

Sometimes I do feel like things are lost in translation and I wish I could read Chinese! Oh well…. I’m thinking of reading other translations and seeing how they compare. As in, is Lin Daiyu really that annoying as she seems in the book? She’s super sensitive and does girly things such as – “Hmph! You said that so I’m never going to talk to you again! And I’m going to rip up this gift I was making for you!” Ugh… so annoying…

Baoyu surrounded by the ladies, whose company he prefers to men.

Also by reading the book I realized how rampant homosexuality was back in the day! There’s plenty of mention of ‘charming young boys’ and ‘handsome lithe youths’. Plus a lot of straight sex as well… Supposedly Baoyu had sex for the first time at the tender age of 13, and with one of his maids to boot! An interesting euphemism for the deed is “The Play of Cloud and Rain”.

It’s sexy time in the Jia household.

Anyway the story has a pretty tragic end, with the Jia family having their palaces confiscated and the love triangle not going well what with secret marriage plots and whatnot. But I haven’t gotten to that part yet!

Baoyu and his beloved cousin Lin Daiyu

So what with all the plotting and scheming and sex, it seemed natural for Dream of the Red Chamber to come to TV, which it did in 1987 and 2010. The 1987 version is supposedly to be super classic… However, I can’t tell since I cannot find a decent eng-subbed version of it! Ugh! However, the 2010 one was widely panned especially in terms of hair and costumes and was not considered to have the traditional touch of the older one. Still I wanna see both!

A scene from the 1987 version, Baoyu and Lin Daiyu
same scene from the 2010 version

The trailer for the 2010 drama.

Awesome. Now just to finish the book!

week 19, 20, 21, 22 picture roundup!

I’ve been so terribly remiss about this!! I’m also missing days a lot. I think it’s pretty safe to say that my resolution to take a picture a day is sorta shot. But I shall perservere~!
5/8 – yummy yummy tomato, basil and mozzarella salad. Just drizzle a little olive oil, sprinkle some salt/pepper and you’re good~!
5/9 – May flowers, loving it!

5/10 – a princely meal prepared by Dong of fried shrimp and pasta, topped with delish salad.
5/11 – eating with Kristin and her bf Jonathan at the Mission Restaurant. These were some amazingly delicious quesadillas!
5/12 – almost done with my latest cross-stitch!
5/13 – my very guilty pleasure, just one at a time okay!
5/16 – Once again at the Mission, this time with Shirley and her brother Samson! Love the southwest inspired decor.
5/17 – what’s better than a bowl of yummy juicy strawberries? Not much!
5/19 – another day another dinner!
5/20 – they sent me a really expensive Sundance clothing/jewelry catalog. Everything is overpriced but I admit that the jewelry is very pretty!
5/21 – made devil’s food cupcakes with chocolate frosting and strawberry garnish. Yummy!
5/22 – we saw Kung Fu Panda 2 the day it came out. It did make me cry, even tho it wasn’t quite as lighthearted as the first one. Skadoosh!
5/25 – dinner at Texas Roadhouse, with their free peanuts and awesome awesome cinnamon butter. Cinnamon butter…
5/26 – ice cold Passion Tea Lemonade!
5/28 – Tops Lobster was $6.99/lb! So I had to buy two and try my hand at cooking lobster like we did at home – stir fry with garlic and scallions. SO GOOD!
5/29 – more salad. I’m actually eating this while I type this!
5/30 – in NYC, at Kyochon near Herald Square. This is the classiest Kyochon I’ve been to… more restaurant than fast food! And the potato wedges were fresh and crispy!
5/31 – Dinner at Blue Water Grill at Union Square. It was a great night!!
6/1 – Back at home for more bad but tasty food – bacon wrapped asparagus, baked in the oven
6/2 – it’s JUNE baby! Geez time flies fast. Time to not turn on the AC until it gets sweltering!
6/3 – my new cross stitch project! In progress.
6/4 – eating dinner at Tokyo Seoul, I am struck by my ring. Have I mentioned I love this ring? And the guy holding my hand.

Another Year, Another Ithaca Reunion!

So this past weekend was our yearly Ithaca reunion! YAY! Successful one too, if I may add. Basically a getaway with Cornell peeps to Ithaca for a few days, culminating in a rainy BBQ. The rainy BBQ is a must. It’s a tradition, I tell you!

2005 taughannock falls bbq, the one that started it all
2010 ithaca reunion, another rainy one!

Anyway, this year was a huge improvement in terms of housing. Last year’s was great, but having 14 people in a house with only one bathroom was not exactly stellar planning on our part. This year we rented a property with a main house and a guest house with plenty of bedding, two bathrooms, and literally just steps away from the lake. The view from the houses was amazing! And they were extremely well cleaned and well equipped. So good! The only con was the rather rustic roads that lead up to it, if you can call them roads… more like packed down dirt! But it works.

This year was a little different since it was actually our 5-year Cornell Reunion. We ended up not actually registering or signing up for any of the events, but we dd make it more Cornell-centric! There was horseback riding at the Oxley Equestrian Center, checking out new campus buildings, and eating at such Collegetown classics like CTB and Four Seasons. The more academically-minded of us even went to a lecture! Bleh!

There was poker, there was Mario Tennis, and there were copious amounts of roasted meat. All the signs of a good reunion!

Now to think about next year… Texas, Florida, or BRAZIL?!

a light at the end of the tunnel!

Agh, just finished a 6 day shift consisting of 4 12.5 hour weekdays and 9 + 8 hour weekend. So relieved that it’s over! I was practically willing the clock to move faster today so I can have one day off tomorrow… and then back to work on Thursday! But at least I have a day off, dammit.

I think a lot of people don’t realize how tiring it can be to be a pharmacist (especially a retail one). For my company at least, most pharmacies only have 1 pharmacist a day so that means 12.5 hour days on the weekday, not counting my 1 hour drive each way. You’re standing most of the day, running between computers, the register and the drug shelves. You chase the doctor down for a refill or a prior auth, only to get yelled at that it’s not ready (which isn’t your fault!). Or you call worker’s comp to review claims and it takes days for the adjustor to get back on, which is usually for controlled pain medication (and that’s a touchy topic in of itself…). Then there’s the annoying stuff like keeping inventory down, dealing with all the temporary NDC substitutions and bleh…. There’s so much more. UGH! Just the daily life of a retail pharmacist.

Whine whine whine! Anyway it’s not all bad. Most days I really feel good about my career choice =D There are always some great customers who appreciate the work that goes “behind the scenes”, in between dropping off a prescription and getting a nice neat bag at the register. The techs I work with are really great! Plus I really can’t complain about the pay, considering I work 50+ hours a week… and I get paid for drive time. KACHING!!


And I did all this 6 day shift just so I could go meet up with my Cornell buddies next weekend~! It’ll be worth it though!

Happy June!

Man another month has flown by in a flash! And now we’re onto the steamy days of June. I am totally feeling the better weather, especially considering how crappy the winter was. Up here in central New York, it feels like spring was just a month and now we’re already onto summertime weather! Lovin’ it.

Anyway I had a happy happy Memorial Day in NYC with my ladies! Although it’s tiring to drive back to the city it was totally worth it to see my friends. It was also a shame that Dong couldn’t be with me, but I’m sure he thought of me from time to time while he was playing Starcraft. =D 
Some highlights:
  • picked up our wedding bands and got my engagement ring cleaned. Blinging once again!
  • rode the cab for the 2nd and 3rd time in my NYC life
  • 2 hours of KARAOKE!!
  • deliciously crispy korean fried chicken and red mango TWICE
  • treating my lovely maids to a lovely dinner!

Actually that kinda sums up the whole two days, heh. I also showed my parents the wedding venue, to which my mom remarked, “It looks so old-fashioned!”