Happy June!

Man another month has flown by in a flash! And now we’re onto the steamy days of June. I am totally feeling the better weather, especially considering how crappy the winter was. Up here in central New York, it feels like spring was just a month and now we’re already onto summertime weather! Lovin’ it.

Anyway I had a happy happy Memorial Day in NYC with my ladies! Although it’s tiring to drive back to the city it was totally worth it to see my friends. It was also a shame that Dong couldn’t be with me, but I’m sure he thought of me from time to time while he was playing Starcraft. =D 
Some highlights:
  • picked up our wedding bands and got my engagement ring cleaned. Blinging once again!
  • rode the cab for the 2nd and 3rd time in my NYC life
  • 2 hours of KARAOKE!!
  • deliciously crispy korean fried chicken and red mango TWICE
  • treating my lovely maids to a lovely dinner!

Actually that kinda sums up the whole two days, heh. I also showed my parents the wedding venue, to which my mom remarked, “It looks so old-fashioned!”

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