Another Year, Another Ithaca Reunion!

So this past weekend was our yearly Ithaca reunion! YAY! Successful one too, if I may add. Basically a getaway with Cornell peeps to Ithaca for a few days, culminating in a rainy BBQ. The rainy BBQ is a must. It’s a tradition, I tell you!

2005 taughannock falls bbq, the one that started it all
2010 ithaca reunion, another rainy one!

Anyway, this year was a huge improvement in terms of housing. Last year’s was great, but having 14 people in a house with only one bathroom was not exactly stellar planning on our part. This year we rented a property with a main house and a guest house with plenty of bedding, two bathrooms, and literally just steps away from the lake. The view from the houses was amazing! And they were extremely well cleaned and well equipped. So good! The only con was the rather rustic roads that lead up to it, if you can call them roads… more like packed down dirt! But it works.

This year was a little different since it was actually our 5-year Cornell Reunion. We ended up not actually registering or signing up for any of the events, but we dd make it more Cornell-centric! There was horseback riding at the Oxley Equestrian Center, checking out new campus buildings, and eating at such Collegetown classics like CTB and Four Seasons. The more academically-minded of us even went to a lecture! Bleh!

There was poker, there was Mario Tennis, and there were copious amounts of roasted meat. All the signs of a good reunion!

Now to think about next year… Texas, Florida, or BRAZIL?!

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