week 19, 20, 21, 22 picture roundup!

I’ve been so terribly remiss about this!! I’m also missing days a lot. I think it’s pretty safe to say that my resolution to take a picture a day is sorta shot. But I shall perservere~!
5/8 – yummy yummy tomato, basil and mozzarella salad. Just drizzle a little olive oil, sprinkle some salt/pepper and you’re good~!
5/9 – May flowers, loving it!

5/10 – a princely meal prepared by Dong of fried shrimp and pasta, topped with delish salad.
5/11 – eating with Kristin and her bf Jonathan at the Mission Restaurant. These were some amazingly delicious quesadillas!
5/12 – almost done with my latest cross-stitch!
5/13 – my very guilty pleasure, just one at a time okay!
5/16 – Once again at the Mission, this time with Shirley and her brother Samson! Love the southwest inspired decor.
5/17 – what’s better than a bowl of yummy juicy strawberries? Not much!
5/19 – another day another dinner!
5/20 – they sent me a really expensive Sundance clothing/jewelry catalog. Everything is overpriced but I admit that the jewelry is very pretty!
5/21 – made devil’s food cupcakes with chocolate frosting and strawberry garnish. Yummy!
5/22 – we saw Kung Fu Panda 2 the day it came out. It did make me cry, even tho it wasn’t quite as lighthearted as the first one. Skadoosh!
5/25 – dinner at Texas Roadhouse, with their free peanuts and awesome awesome cinnamon butter. Cinnamon butter…
5/26 – ice cold Passion Tea Lemonade!
5/28 – Tops Lobster was $6.99/lb! So I had to buy two and try my hand at cooking lobster like we did at home – stir fry with garlic and scallions. SO GOOD!
5/29 – more salad. I’m actually eating this while I type this!
5/30 – in NYC, at Kyochon near Herald Square. This is the classiest Kyochon I’ve been to… more restaurant than fast food! And the potato wedges were fresh and crispy!
5/31 – Dinner at Blue Water Grill at Union Square. It was a great night!!
6/1 – Back at home for more bad but tasty food – bacon wrapped asparagus, baked in the oven
6/2 – it’s JUNE baby! Geez time flies fast. Time to not turn on the AC until it gets sweltering!
6/3 – my new cross stitch project! In progress.
6/4 – eating dinner at Tokyo Seoul, I am struck by my ring. Have I mentioned I love this ring? And the guy holding my hand.

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