Back from Paris and into the Fall!

Came back from Paris on the 17th… was supposed to be back in Syracuse that night but I missed by connecting flight! Darn it. Well I got the next one out on Sunday, so I was back in apartment sweet apartment by the afternoon. Thank goodness I have Sun/Mon/Tues off. It’s like a mini-vacation after vacation. Which, to be honest, was pretty essential because the Paris trip was brutal! In an amazing way, but tiring nonetheless.

 The weather in Paris was strictly autumn-feeling, with coolish days and definitely cooler nights. It’s sort of the same in Syracuse, yet strangely seems warmer. Maybe because I only experience Syracuse in my nice temperature-regulated car? In any case, summer is over. Sigh… it was good while it lasted. And it’s time for another autumn in Syracuse and then a terrible terrible winter. Reminder to self… must schedule engagement photos and book a dj!


One of my favorite songs by Death Cab for Cutie, and very fitting for summer’s end!

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