Travel Theme: Animals

This is taking a theme from Where’s my backpack?, a great blog about traveling I’ve been reading up on. Apparently yesterday was World Animal Day (I’m so ignorant!). So in celebration of all our furry buddies I’ll be posting some pics of interesting/cute/scary animals I’ve gotten some pictures of!

A lizard sunning itself in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

I was only inches away from this tiger! Separated by inches of thick glass at the zoo – is this cheating? Haha.


an absolutely adorable and shamelessly begging kitty at the Thousand Islands


a falcon and its handler at the Renaissance Fair. Similar expressions… makes me laugh!


a serene iguana in Cancun, Mexico


a curious squirrel in Cancun. i think squirrels and chipmunks are adorable but I have yet to get a pic of a chipmunk… they are so FAST!

I actually love taking pictures of animals – they’re just so darned photogenic!

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