Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

Hmm… what’s foreign to me?

When I was younger, I traveled a lot with my family during Christmas breaks and sometimes during the short Thanksgiving breaks as well. These holidays are traditionally “get-together-with-extended-family” times, but although I have a huge extended family (7 uncles on my dad’s side, and tons of cousins) we don’t really get together during those holidays. We usually gather for more Chinese holidays like Chinese New Year, Mid-Autumn Festival, family birthdays, etc etc. Therefore, those traditional American/Western holiday breaks are great times for my family to travel – at least when we were younger and in school. I think I took it for granted that every year we would go somewhere cool… Looking back on it, I was really lucky that we had the means to travel to so many places! Even though most of the time there were through Chinese group tours.

Maybe because of traveling at at a young age, most places don’t feel very foreign to me, however – even in countries that speak a different language, at least the alphabet is familiar to me (if it’s the Western alphabet). Similarly, in China I felt semi-comfortable because I knew the language somewhat, and the same in Japan and Korea. However, the one place that I did feel completely out of place was Greece! It really felt like another world to me because the language and alphabet was so different.

it’s literally greek to me.


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