Travel theme: Spooky

Happy Halloween!

The truly spooky event this week I think isn’t Halloween, but the devastation that Hurricane Sandy wreaked on the East Coast the past few days. Living farther inland, we only experienced high winds and heavy rainfall – nothing too out of the ordinary in Central New York. However, my family in Brooklyn had more issues – power outages and property damage from the crazy winds, mostly. Luckily, no one I know was injured… but it’s really spooky to see NYC streets flooded, with the tunnels gushing with water and the city basically crippled by the storm. NYC is tough though – I know they’ll bounce back after this with a vengeance!

That said, I partly wish I was there to get some interesting pictures… and then the other part of me is extremely relieved that I can sit comfortably in my apartment with electricity in front of my computer.

While trying to find pictures for this theme, I realize that I tend to avoid spooky or scary things! Or at least I don’t photograph them. I’m not a fan of horror movies, be they violent slasher flicks or zombie movies (well, except for Shaun of the Dead… that was pretty funny!) because I tend to envision myself being a victim! UGH! In any case, here’s my contribution to this week’s theme. They’re not too spooky I know! Spooky failure.

steam rising from the sulfurous hot springs at Owakudani

a scary (to me) Ronald McDonald in China

at Greenwood Cemetery

ceramic skulls on display in Cancun

stone gargoyle at Notre Dame in Paris

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