Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal

Ooh I almost forgot to do this one! Just getting it in now… This week at the Daily Post the photo challenge is about renewal. For me, spring is the season that brings the meaning of renewal to life! The season of baby animals being born, fresh buds on trees that lay dormant and stick-like all winter – that’s renewal at its most basic and literal.

A robin, harbinger of spring, out on the prowl for juicy worms!

The delicate first leaves forming on the trees, pale and yellow-green before they mature and grow larger and darker.

Blossoms just about ready to unfurl into glorious bloom!

Cherry blossoms at their peak in the spring season at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden.

New life, and perfect little baby toes.

And of course, a glorious warm vacation goes a long way in making me feel renewed!


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