Travel theme: Hot

Right now we’re having a little freak “heat wave” here in CNY (I constitute 54 degrees in December pretty darned warm!) although it’s not exactly break-out-the-bikini weather. Still, in general, temperatures have been dropping and we’ve had a few days of light snow already – so of course my mind would turn to warmer climes and hot hot heat, thanks to the travel theme at Where’s my backpack? I’m the kind of person that gets cold very easily, so I’d much rather be too hot rather than too cold. This may explain my cocooning method when sleeping… something that my husband doesn’t appreciate when I curl all the blankets around me!

Chinese hot pot – da been lo in Cantonese or huo guo in Mandarin. A great way to warm up on a cold winter’s night, you start off choosing your soup base and then when it boils up add all sorts of veggies and meat. I choose clear soup base because I cannot handle spicy but for those who love fire in their mouths, a spicy soup base is the way to go for you. Look at all the chilis floating on top! The sight of all those angry red chili flakes makes me a little scared.

Served piping hot on a sizzling plate, this was a combo of onions, peppers, spicy andouille sausage and topped with a melty mixture of cheese, for a DIY breakfast burrito. This really hit the spot after coming home on an early morning flight and just starving for some good food!

On hot summer weekends, my friends and I would head out to beach and boardwalk at Coney Island, which was always packed with tourists and locals alike to eat Nathan’s hot dogs, ride the cyclone, and broil under the sun. I haven’t been back there since Sandy… but I have seen pictures and I really hope that by next summer things will be beautiful again.

This is a repeat but I couldn’t help it. Hot springs, hello! And unlike other hot springs in Japan, where for obvious reasons a camera would not be allowed, these hot springs are not meant for bathing but for boiling special hard-boiled eggs for longevity. Owakudani, the hot spring valley where each egg you eat will grant you 7 more years of life!

Another repeat. This one is from Sedona, Arizona when we decided to walk the trails towards Bell Rock, a walk that we didn’t finish but we did get to see some great red rock scenery. It was hot hot hot… and with little vegetation and shrubby trees there was little relief from the sun.

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