Travel theme: Multiples

This week over at Where’s my backpack, the travel theme subscribes to the adage “the more the merrier!”, and I could not be happier to comply! Here are my collection of “multiple” photos:

Handmade dumplings by my mother-in-law! I’m so lucky to have a MOI who enjoys cooking three meals a day for us. She rolled the dough for the wrappers, made the filling, and folded them herself. I did try to help but my attempts were not quite so photogenic. Homemade dumplings taste so much better than the frozen store-bought ones, which I do have to admit we resort to once in a while…

Thin slices of beef for Chinese hot pot – cooks up super-quick in the broth so you can have instant meaty gratification. My favorite!

The shelves are jammed with jam! Ha! Sorry that was pretty bad. Here  are displays of Greaves fruit jams in Niagara-on-the-Lake, a town in Canada. Absolutely adorable little town and very famous for their ice wine and the vineyards in the area. It’s very picturesque and perfect for visiting in the summertime. The jams are pretty darned good too.

Bundles of lavender we prepared for bridal shower gift bags! For some reason we had a Paris theme for our Chinese bride, complete with snooty mustaches, French dessert recipe cards, dried lavender, and French chocolates. All had a great time and got a sweet-smelling souvenir as well!

Hard-earned results after a cupcake making class! We got to take home 3 boxes each of our handmade confections, which we also frosted ourselves. Can I just brag a bit and mention I got a gift certificate for best frosting? Spatula skills!

At the old fort El Morro in Puerto Rico – a neatly snacked pyramid of cannon balls. Either they were very heavy or they were glued down to prevent handsy tourists like myself from picking them up… they probably wanted to preserve this nice formation!

What’s better than one laughing Buddha? Multiple laughing Buddhas of course! Lauhing Buddha is perfectly happy to be round, pot-bellied and bald – here is someone totally comfortable in his own skin. Everyone should be like this!

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