Travel theme: Glass

Oh man, when I saw this week’s travel theme on Where’s my backpack? today my mind started running with ideas! Especially after reading Ailsa’s post about visiting the Tacoma Museum of Glass, which brought me to  mind of my visits to the Corning Museum of Glass in Corning NY, a quick (relatively) 2 hour drive from Syracuse. It’s a really awesome museum that showcases all types of decorative glasswork and also has exhibits on the scientific and industrial uses of glass (which are more interesting and varied than you may think!) They also have many demonstrations on glassmaking which I found fascinating. There are a few methods to make decorative glass but to my mind glassblowing is the most interesting. Using your breath and molten glass to create glassware – it is a sexy skill! All you have to do is put your lips together… and blow.

In any case, here are my photos of glassy beauty!

At the Corning Museum of Glass you can sign up to make your own glassware! They have different types of classes for all skill levels and using different techniques. Here’s my own vitreous masterpiece. I love the swirls and the colors are very soothing 🙂

Demonstrating lampwork – basically shaping a tube of glass into almost anything. In this case, he made an intricate little candy dish in about 10 minutes. Pretty cool!

Glasses are most useful when they are used to contain delicious, fruity sangria.

Handblown glass at the Sterling Renaissance Faire! They do glassblowing demonstrations here all day and honestly, I could probably sit here the whole day and watch.

Glass milk bottles from my college at the New York State Fair. Glass milk bottles… it seems so quaint!

Stained glass at the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. I can’t remember what pose this statue was making… but to me it always looks like someone chopping wood. I’m sure it’s something a bit more religious and uplifting in real life though.

At the Saint-Chapelle in Paris, also known as the “jewel-box” of Paris. Although Notre Dame is the most famous, this chapel definitely has beautiful windows and is much more light and airy.

Gorgeous light through this window.


7 thoughts on “Travel theme: Glass

  1. Great photos of the Corning Museum of Glass! I’ve been there before, but unfortunately I don’t think I took any photos. We did do the glass sandblasting course though, so we do have daily visual reminders of our trip 🙂 It’s not that far way, so I’ve been thinking about making another trip up there one day soon!

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