Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination

Let me illuminate you on this week’s Photo Challenge! Light is so important to photography – ever try taking a picture in the dark? It makes your camera go crazy trying to sniff out any available light. But even besides light, the word illumination brings to my mind illuminated manuscripts, and then I think about reading and mental illumination and  learning… which just goes to show that my mind can go on some random tangents.

So I’ll present to you my two interpretations of illumination!

The best source of light in my opinion – the lovely natural glow of the sun! I took this on a clear early autumn day in Geneva NY, on the campus of Hobart and William Smith College.

Mental illumination – I love to read! I have to admit I haven’t bought a real book in quite a while since we use our iPad or the Nook, but I can’t resist those collectible editions that Barnes and Nobles puts out. I will also admit that I love romance novels and kiddy books from my past. I  have no shame!


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