A Word A Week Photo Challenge – Round

Ooh my… this is a tough one because there’s just so many pictures and themes to choose from for this Word a Week Photo Challenge! To make it more manageable for me, I decided to focus on my favorite round things… in fact, my favorite things of any shape – FOOD! I will admit that some of these I cheated with because they’re not technically round but just plated that way… but it’s  my photo challenge so nyah nyah! =D

Foods of the Round Table

Perfectly round cantaloupes go for a premium price in Japan!

Okonomiyaki! Basically this is like a Japanese pancake… that is, if pancakes had savory fillings, yummy toppings, and were finished off with artful drizzles of sauce and perhaps a sprinkle of bonito on top. I think they’re more comparable to pizzas actually because there’s an endless variety of toppings and styles. Delicious!

So perhaps these are more oblong rather than round but I could not resist the cute factor of these mantou! Mantou are Chinese buns that are very popular in the north. They can make them into all types of adorable animals, as you can see.

Chocolate mousse dessert! I have to admit I made these from a mix but added my own flair of crushed cookie crumble and raspberries. I’m a regular Sandra Lee.

One of my favorite meals of the day – dim sum! This is a Cantonese tradition where people meet up to chat, drink tea, read their newspapers and dine on small plates. The dishes come in round bamboo steamers, and the best places have the ladies pushing carts stacked high with towers of yummy, yummy dim sum.

I really miss sushi sometimes! I don’t think I’ve found my go-to sushi place here  yet and I think back fondly on the sushi places of NYC. Sushi is round, it’s healthy-ish, and it’s delicious! My favorites are dragon roll, spider roll, and basically anything that has avocado in it or eel.

The wineries around Cayuga Lake in the Finger Lakes region are great places to visit if you love wine. Unfortunately I pass out after the 3rd tasting or so – such a lightweight. I absolutely recommend visiting the area even if you aren’t a oenophile – the scenery is gorgeous and most wineries have a breathtaking view of the surrounding area and the lake.

Tarts are round, right? Here we have a very artfully displayed lemon tart from a lovely little cafe in Montreal. We had the whole cafe to ourselves – it was a rainy day and the tourists weren’t out and about. It was sweet and rather romantic!

How to make a food even better? Slice it and fry it in hot oil! Here we have a potato, deconstructed into this swirly creation and fried, then topped with whatever flavor powder your heart desires – garlic butter, onion powder, cayenne spicy, whatever! It’s a messy but tasty treat at the state fair.


My mouth waters at the sight of these curled up sausages, getting all browned and tasty! This stand at the fair serves sausage sandwiches heaped high with onions and peppers. I guess the sandwiches aren’t exactly round… but the sausages are at least!


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