Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond

This week at the Daily Post the challenge is to photograph the great beyond! For me, there’s nothing more tantalizing or mysterious than a path that leads on around a bend. “What lies beyond that curve?” I always think… and I get the urge to continue on and explore. So thus we have:

What Lies Beyond

This is a photo I took from a helicopter tour over the Grand Canyon, with the Colorado River snaking through. I would love to follow the path of the river as it winds its way through the canyons, rushing over rapids and streaming past boulders!

Following the path of a river in Jeju Island, S. Korea. Actually, the end of the river leads to a rather lackluster but still tourist-laden waterfall – I enjoyed the walk more than the endpoint!

At a national park in S. Korea – sadly I can’t even remember exactly where this was! I love the mountain beyond, so mysterious and shrouded in trees. We did go up part of this mountain to reach a waterfall – it was definitely quite a hike.

A path through a bamboo forest in Kyoto, Japan – it’s beckoning you to continue on your exploration! I felt like a wandering ronin here.

A line of bright orange torii at the Fushimi Inari shrine in Kyoto, Japan.

Exploring the path ahead in sunbaked Sedona, Arizona!

6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond

  1. These are great shots – and I like the take on “beyond”, but now I’ve got “Just beyond the riverbend” from the Disney move Pocahontas stuck in my head! My favorite shot is probably the path through the bamboo forest – it looks the most exotic to me here in the US. While I’ve been to Sedona and the Grand Canyon, I’ve never seen a bamboo forest – someday I will!

    • Haha I was actually thinking of that song too! And I have no doubt that you will get to visit Japan or East Asia – especially with your impressive money-saving ways 😉 it puts me in awe!

      • Thanks for the compliment – I have no choice but to save tons of money while traveling or I could never afford to travel!

        And I will definitely visit East Asia one day, though it is more in my 3-5 year plan than my near term plan. Since I tend to be limited by my vacation time from work, I’m focusing on slightly more local trips for the next few years (Europe, Alaska/Hawaii, Central or northern South America).

        But I have the Great Wall of China on my bucket list, so I have to get to that part of the world one day!

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