Travel theme: Up

Over at Where’s my backpack?, things are looking UP! A wonderfully moving movie, by the way! It makes me wish I had more balloon pictures so then I could have an Up themed post, but alas – I will have to stick to my chosen theme of pictures from way up high. Specifically, photos from cable cars! Cable cars are a terrific and easy way to get to a scenic outlook way up high – and they also provide wonderful vantage points of scenery down below. Here I have a collection of photos from…

Up in the Sky

Taken from the cable car of Mount Titlis in Switzerland. That’s right… I said Titlis! I could not stop snickering over the name. Whatver its name, it is a beautifully imposing mountain in the Swiss Alps. The sea of clouds with the snow-tipped peaks rising above is truly gorgeous!

We rode this cablecar from Hakone, Japan to the site of the Owakudani hot spring, famous for its sulfurous eggs. The valley was beautifully lush with the small city of Hakone spread out beyond.

This cablecar was in the city of Kobe, Japan (mostly famous for Kobe beef!) and provided a very scenic ride to reach the Nunobiki Herb Garden. Despite its name, the herb garden has a lot more going on than herbs and has a strangely European decor. Lovely gardens, however!

Here we are, high above Lantau Island in Hong Kong! In the distance you can see the high rise buildings that HK is famous for – we were riding the other way, to get to the huge Tian Tan Buddha and the surrounding complex. The thin light ribbon snaking through the trees is a path – we actually saw several people walking to get to the complex! Keep in mind, this is in the middle of summer and HK is super hot and sweaty…. More power to them!

This wasn’t taken from a cablecar but actually from the Peak Tram of Victoria Peak in Hong Kong – so I guess it’s cheating a little! It’s still very high in the air and above sea level however. It was a cloudy day but it was still a beautiful overlook.

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