Travel theme: Walls

There goes Ailsa at Where’s my backpack? again, putting up walls – funky walls, waterlogged walls, pretty amazing frieze-d up walls. The walls in our apartment are a boring vanilla color, which we try to jazz up a bit with framed photos and whatnot – but I dream of the day when we’ll own a home and I can go all HGTV on it and try out things like accent walls, a gallery wall, etc… not in the same room though!

This week’s theme also put the song Wonderwall by Oasis in my head! And after all…

Here’s my Wonderwalls

A cool mosaic wall outside Eureka Crafts, a store selling local arts and crafts in Armory Square of Syracuse.

A colorful mural depicting dinosaurs feasting on delicious bbq – fitting considering this was taken outside of Dinosaur BBQ in Syracuse!

This is the most hilarious, droopy eyed panda…. in the San Diego Zoo they have a wall painted with a lovely mural of pandas frolicking in a bamboo forest. Most of the pandas are painted to be adorable and photogenic. This one… was not.

I was waiting outside a  bathroom in a coffeehouse in NYC and I felt like taking a picture of the brick wall. I love the texture and the warm light! And yes, I am that person who takes pictures… of anything.

Inside the fancy Prince of Wales Hotel in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Canada. The walls are… embossed? I’m not sure if that’s the right term!

The Palais des Congres in Montreal has a very awesome wall of colorful windows! This was a pretty lucky shot in that the group of people just happened to be framed in a window.

More cool walls in Montreal, this time on the side of a restaurant.

A familiar sight to anyone who loves Central Park – the pretty frescoes near Bethesda Fountain. A popular location for wedding photo shoots (I’ll admit, we did some here too!), but I remember before they restored it, the passageway was a dank and smelly hangout for bums. I’m so glad they brought back its beauty!

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