Travel theme: Mountains

To a short person like me (just a smidge under 5′) even hills can seem like mountains. And there were definitely times when I felt like walking up a hill was more like scaling a mountain of epic proportions (for Cornellians – slogging up Libe Slope through snow from West Campus to go to class during winter!). But for the sake of this week’s travel theme at Where’s my backpack?, I will stick to legit mountains and not just my little versions of mountains… or will I?

Honestly, I’m not a huge fan of mountains – unless there’s a nice ski-lift bringing you up there!  Here in New York most people bemoan snow – unless they are avid snowboarders or skiers looking for fun. I love the powdery trees here – they look so serene even while there’s so much action going on between them.

I’m pretty sure I’ve posted about these amazing monasteries in Greece that are built atop mountains before… but that is just how fantastic they are. Putting a monastery on a mountain? I don’t envy the builders but the result is completely magical.

And now for something completely different – red rock mountains in Sedona, Arizona. The surreal landscape of Arizona was fascinating to me and my husband because it was totally unlike the scenery we’re used to in the Northeast.

DSCF2449And finally, a mountain of adorableness! Greece seems to have tons of stray cats and dogs running around, and this cuddly pyramid of kitties were just enjoying some sun… and dare I say… cat-napping?!


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