Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward

One thing that always moves forward, whether we want it to or not, is time – that inexorable march through the years! I suppose I feel this particularly keenly because my birthday is this week and I will be hitting the big 29! Definitely not old (unless you are a single woman in China…) but every year I can’t help but look back on my younger days with a sense of astonishment and wistfulness. All the self-pics I took through high school and college (which I see my younger cousins doing) make me shudder now! Thankfully I never adopted the duck-face but still… I can’t believe that now I’m married, recently bought a house, contemplating having kids, thinking about college funds… good lord. I feel a little wistful for the days when my biggest worry was which lipgloss I would be wearing.

So in keeping with this week’s theme at the Daily Post, we will be moving forward! Onwards to the future and whatever surprises it might bring!

An elderly couple walking through the fall foliage together. In the autumn of their life, they still enjoy each other’s company – I hope that my husband and I can sustain that through the years!


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