A Shanghai Quickie – Pics Edition

China has banned WordPress, making it extremely annoying for me to post because I have to use the mobile app! While the app is great in that it allows me to circumvent the firewall, it is also more limited in terms of features so I think I’ll have to wait til I get home to post more in depth.

It’s been an interesting trip so far with some ups and downs, but we’ve been having a good time! Here are some pics from our short stay in Shanghai – we were only there for one full day and then we took the high-speed train to Jinan the next day.

A home cooked meal our first night in Shanghai.

Our room at the Astor House Hotel, right across the bridge to the Bund

Spring has sprung in Shanghai and there’s plenty of pretty flowers to prove it!

A view of the water and buildings of Zhujiajiao, a water town close to Shanghai.

A pavilion among spring flowers in Kezhi Yuan in Zhujiajiao

Of course you have to get the xiao long bao while in Shanghai!

A cloudy night view in Shanghai, all lit up.

We’ve got a ticket to ride… To Jinan!

I have so many more pictures I would love to share but unfortunately it will have to wait til I am back in the States! Next up, Jinan in pictures!

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