Weekly Photo Challenge: Lunchtime

I love taking pictures of food so I wish I had access to my old pictures for this week’s challenge but alas! I will have to restrict myself to the one.

Right now my husband and I are visiting his family in Jinan, China and his mother is cooking for us 24/7! I come away from each meal feeling just a bit overstuffed because they keep urging food on me and it’s so… hard… to resist…

One of my favorite dishes is the pan-fried dumpling (jiaozi) (Japanese: gyoza, Cantonese: gaozi). Because really, who doesn’t like pan-fried anything?


His mother and grandmother will make all the dumplings from scratch – chopping the ingredients to make filling, mixing and rolling out the dough wrappers, filling and pinching each perfect dumpling closed. They make a super huge amount, all to be boiled and served for dinner. The leftovers are then kept for the next day, when either for morning or lunch they will be pan-fried to crispy golden perfection. So delicious!

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