Weekly Photo Challenge: Saturated

When it comes to colors, I love rich jewel tones – glowing ruby reds, rich sapphire-blues, and almost every other color in an intense shade. Maybe that’s why my living room is a vivid turquoise and my bridesmaids wore bright teal dresses (totally re-wearable, I swear!). Color is so appealing to me – my camera trigger-happy finger twitches whenever I enter a farmer’s market, brimming with multi-hued produce and vibrant flowers. The challenge for me was trying to keep from adding too many photos!


An oldie but goodie – I took this last year at Green Lakes State Park, just a ten minute drive from where I live. The fall colors were in full force at the park and it was really a joy to behold!


Another local picture – this time at Dinosaur BBQ in downtown Syracuse. I love their beef brisket – tender and juicy and full of flavor! The crazy mural of the dinosaurs chowing down isn’t too bad either.


Produce at farmer’s markets – love it! Colorful tomatoes, blushing peaches, shiny red cherries and everything in between.


My first time at an Indian wedding and I had a blast! It’s just so full of energy and fun – and of course color!


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