Travel theme: Deep

After last week’s travel theme of Heights, it’s time to get down and dirty with this week’s theme of Deep at Where’s my backpack! There are a lot of ways to interpret this theme… one can be literally deep inside something, or deep in thought, or reading a deeper meaning in something… so here are some photographs that show my different versions of “Deep”!


Close to our home is a large reservoir that’s popular for fishing, kayaking, and even scuba diving! The water is gorgeous and crystal-clear, and quite deep once you get further in. Here’s my friend knee-deep in water while fishing.


One of my favorite places in NYC is Central Park, especially Bethesda Terrace right in the middle of the park. It’s a wonderful feeling to be deep in the heart of the city, but with this gorgeous oasis of nature all around you.


Every winter, my girlfriends and I take a trip to Vermont to ski/snowboard at Killington, or do other winter sports. Last  year a few of us decided to go snowshoeing and we went deep into the forest, snowshoeing up a mountain to enjoy the views from above. Here we are, deep in the snow, deep in the woods…


On a trip to Houston, I was really amazed by the huge saucer magnolias on the trees – gorgeous and plate-sized, bigger than my head! I had just gotten my 100 mm macro lens so I couldn’t help but take a picture, deep inside the magnolia flower.


And finally, not so deep in terms of meaning but my adolescent humor just cracks up at this! Don’t forget to practice safe lunch, everyone!

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